We finished chapter 2. We FINALLY finished chapter 2!!!!! It’s taken way too long, due to health issues and other unavoidable matters, BUT WE MADE IT. And we’re going strong! We’re gonna take a brief 2 week hiatus to get things fully in order for our next Interlude & then Memoria 03 – but we’ll definitely be back March 11 with new interlude pages, and soon thereafter, a brand-new shiny chapter (and we’re SOO excited for this one)!! Could you take just a second vote for our comic on TWC? <3

Memoria 2.41

2 thoughts on “Memoria 2.41

  1. You’re back. I gave up on this comic long ago, which I normally only do after a year of no updates. There have been a few exceptions but in my experience after a year a cojic doesn’t return. The infamous “Doc” Nickel of The Whiteboard said “I can count the number of webcomics that disappeared for a year on the fingers of one elbow.” Glad to see you beat the odds. =)

    1. YES. We’re all about beating the odds! We’re definitely back, and here to stay! Sadly a family emergency took us off the radar, as we had no access to our art supplies…but that has since been remedied and we’ve got great plans in store! Hope you stick around!

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