Meet Doctor Tyy’s main staff. Kite and Kairin you know already, but the other two haven’t made their appearances until now.

The hovering female is Hawke, an alien with a literal magnetic personality. She can romantically enslave with a kiss — but Tyy has her on a fairly tight leash. She’s also a royal who shirks her duties, leaving them to her overworked younger brother. Thus she’s hiding out at Tyy’s facility.

Maadrii’ar was a famed magician and hero on his homeworld — before it was destroyed. Tyy found and rescued him, and in return Maadrii’ar feels he owes the doctor a life-debt.

To go more in-depth on Kite and Kairin…

Kite is a Lord of War, and also he’s immortal. This is helpful in dangerous cases at the facility. In fact, every staff member is long-lived, so they’re very used to each other.

Kairin is literally a fairy prince! But like Maadrii’ar, his world is no more. Fortunately Tyy likes taking in strays, so Kairin didn’t stay homeless for long.

Memoria 2.39

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