Eman of Arrow Clan (ee-mawn)
Age: 19 (flashbacks) & 31 (present day)
Birthday: May 13
The story’s protagonist. He resides in a special facility overseen by Dr. Tyy, where he hopes to receive help overcoming PTSD and other complicated issues. Eman is of Arrow Clan on the planet Anonia. He’s a perfectionist and a “jack-of-all-trades,” with a big ego and the skills to back it up. Despite that, he’s got a rigid honor code and a strong sense of right.

Chya Taran (Chī-uh (hint: like chai tea. Chai-uh Tar-un)
Age: 18
Birthday: June 20
Daughter of General Rees Taran, leader of the Kraric Rebellion against Tyse Corp. She is a thoughtful, deliberating person, with strong convictions and skills in combat. She also has “another job” not yet revealed.

Dr. Tyy (Tie, as in: tie your shoelace)
Age: Undisclosed
Birthday: October 8
Specializing in hard cases, Tyy is doing all he can to help Eman recover both physically and emotionally from his trauma. Tyy is a rather pleasant, quirky man, whose motivation to become the specialist he is stems from his own troubled past. His hobbies are tending man-eating plants and drinking caf’ reple, an alien kind of herbal coffee.

Neo (nee-oh)
Age: 12
Birthday: July 17
First appearance: The end of chapter one. He’s severely wounded and running from someone. Other information unknown.

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
An asset of Tyse Corp. Appearances thus far are only the prologue and interludes. Other information is classified.

General Rava
Age: 24 (at first appearance)
Birthday: January 19
A leader of Tyse Corp and an all-around not-so-nice guy.

General Rees Taran (reese tar-un)
A General in the top-brass of the crumbling government of Nydan. He’s also secretly leading the rebellion against Tyse Corp. His daughter is Chya Taran.

Spoonie (like a spoon + ee)
The cook for the main camp of the Krarik Rebellion on Nydan. His cooking is “creative.”

Dren (dr-enn)
Soldier in the Krarik Rebellion on Nydan. He doesn’t care for Eman.

The Twins: Inectei (Ee-neck-tay) and Inoctoi (Ee-nock-toy)
Surname: Hachek (Haw-check)
Young, curious and loyal to the Kraric Rebellion, they make great spies as they can blend in easily with crowds and look innocent.

Kite & Kairin
Assistants to Dr. Tyy at his facility. They’re pretty chill, even when Eman shoots their boss…

| More character stats coming soon… |